November 4, 2015


Peruvian cuisine, although strongly reflecting local practices and ingredients, has been influenced by a variety of sources, including: Europe, West Africa, and Asia. In fact, it is believed that the first inhabitants of Peru migrated from Asia around 6000 B.C., but we digress…

Due to the multicultural aspect of this cuisine, it seemed an obvious focus for our upcoming Viajando, where we’ll be showcasing a 4-course tasting menu comprised of traditional Peruvian dishes that will undoubtedly bear Chef Manuel’s refined touch.

The 4-course menu will be priced at $45/person, but we’ve taken your feedback and are also offering all courses available a la carte along with limited core options so that it will be easy to customize a menu that suits your dietary preferences.

Do you want a peek of the Peruvian portion of the menu? We’re happy to oblige:


Course One
thinly slice halibut, red onions, cilantro, sweet potatoes, choclo, rocoto leche de tigre

Course Two
Causa de Camarones
shrimp, purée purple potatoes, aji amarillo chile sauce

Course Three
Lomo Saltado
filet of beef stir-fry, tomatoes, onion, rice, peruvian sauce and crispy potatoes

Course Four
Suspiro Limeño
classic peruvian vanilla, cinnamon, and port pudding


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